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1. One cannot change the sanctity of an animal dedicated as Hekdesh or as a Korban.
2. If one declares that an item that is Cherem should be sanctified with a different type of sanctity (such as Hekdesh or a Korban), his declaration is invalid and he does not have to give even the value of the item to the recipient of his pledge (Hekdesh, or Korban).
3. In contrast, if a person proclaims that his Korban should be Cherem or Hekdesh, he must give the appropriate value to the Kohen or to Hekdesh.
4. This requirement (#3) is mid'Rabanan.
5. There is a dispute about the need to stand up and evaluate an animal before redeeming it from Hekdesh, or from being a Korban.


1. This is true even if a person wants to dedicate an animal that is already Hekdesh as a Korban, or he wants to change a Korban to a different type of Korban.
2. The same applies if he proclaims that an item that is Hekdesh should be a Korban or Cherem.
3. This is the Gemara's conclusion, unlike the opinion of Rav Huna who says that if a person declares that his Korban should be Cherem, he owes nothing to the Kohanim.
4. According to Torah law, he owes nothing to Hekdesh.
5. Rebbi Yochanan: The Rabanan maintain that both an animal of Hekdesh and an animal that is a Korban must be stood up and evaluated, while Rebbi Shimon maintains that this requirement applies only to a Korban. Reish Lakish: The Rabanan maintain that this requirement applies only to an animal of Hekdesh, while Rebbi Shimon maintains that it applies only to a Korban.

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