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1. The Mishnah lists various types of animals that not only cannot be brought as sacrifices, but can cause other animals to be forbidden.
2. It is forbidden to offer as a Korban an animal that had relations with a person.
3. One is supposed to rename areas named for idolatry with other, denigrating names.
4. Whenever the Torah uses the term "Hashchasah" (destruction), it refers to either illicit relations or idolatry.
5. When Hashem told Gideon to offer sacrifices at night, He instructed Gideon to ignore eight different Halachos regarding the offering of his Korbanos.


1. If any of the animals listed (such as a Tereifah) become mixed with permitted animals to the point that it is no longer clear which animal is forbidden, the entire group of animals can no longer be offered.
2. This is derived from the words "from the animal" in the verse.
3. This is derived from the verse, "And you will obliterate their names." For example, a place named "Beis Galya" ("the High House") should be renamed "Beis Karya" ("the Destroyed House"). (Some say that it means "the bathroom.")
4. Beraisa: Since the term "Hashchasah" is used regarding blemishes of animals, it teaches that it is forbidden to offer an animal involved in relations with people or used for idolatry (Muktzah or Ne'evad) as a Korban.
5. For example, one is normally not allowed to offer a sacrifice at night, a non-Kohen may not offer a Korban, the Korban may not be offered without Klei Shares, etc. (See the Gemara for a complete listing.)

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