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1. A female animal that was consecrated to be a Korban Pesach should be put out to pasture until it receives a blemish. Then it should be sold and the money used to buy a Korban Pesach.
2. If the female animal's offspring (see #1) was still in the pasture after Pesach, when it receives a blemish the proceeds from its sale should be used to buy a Shelamim.

3. Tana Kama: If a female animal was dedicated to be a Korban Asham, it should be put out to pasture until it receives a blemish. Then it should be sold and the proceeds used to buy an Asham. Rebbi Shimon: It should be sold immediately, and it does not need to first receive a blemish.
4. Rava: If a person dedicates only the value of an animal (and not the animal itself) to be used to purchase a Korban, and this animal is fit itself to be offered as the Korban, he must bring this animal.

5. An animal can be counted as Ma'aser Behemah even if it is not yet fit to be brought as a Korban.


1. The same applies to its offspring.
2. Rebbi Eliezer: It itself should be offered as a Shelamim, since a Korban Pesach that is too old to be offered as a Korban Pesach may be offered as a Shelamim.

3. Despite the fact that there is no such thing as a female Korban Asham, the Tana Kama understands that since it became holy with monetary sanctity (Kedushas Damim), it also receives the sanctity of a Korban to the extent that we require that it have a blemish before it is sold.
4. Rava derives this ruling from the logic above (#3). Since this animal, that is fit to be offered itself, now has monetary sanctity (Kedushas Damim), it attains the highest degree of sanctity that is possible (Kedushas ha'Guf). Accordingly, it should be used itself as the Korban.
5. This law is derived from the laws of a firstborn animal. A firstborn is holy when it is born even though it is not yet fit to be offered as a Korban. Similarly, an animal may be counted towards Ma'aser Behemah as long as it can be offered as a Korban after it is old enough to be offered.

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