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1. The Mishnah mentions laws that apply to an individual's Korban but not to a public Korban.
2. There is a difference between public and individual Korbanos regarding the libations brought with them.
3. The Mishnah records a dispute about laws that apply to a public Korban that do not apply to an individual's Korban.
4. Libations that accompany a Korban differ from libations that are offered as a Korban themselves.

5. According to the letter of the law, one is forbidden to record in writing words of the Oral Torah, and one is forbidden to recite words of the Written Torah by heart.


1. A Korban brought by an individual may be used for Temurah from both male and female animals, and one may be obligated to bring it even after its set time has passed. A public Korban cannot be used for Temurah, it may be brought only from male animals, and it is brought only at its set time.
2. An individual must always bring the mandatory libations that accompany an animal Korban, whether he brings them with his Korban or many days later. If a public Korban was not brought at its set time, neither it nor its libations are brought afterwards. If it was brought without its libations, the public has an obligation to eventually offer the libations.

3. Tana Kama: A public Korban overrides Shabbos and Tum'ah in certain situations, as opposed to an individual's Korban. Rebbi Meir: This is not because a public Korban differ s from an individual's Korban, but because of the fact that a public Korban is offered at a set time. Any Korban that has a set time, even that of an individual, overrides Shabbos and Tum'ah.
4. Libations that accompany a Korban may be offered at night, while libations that are a Korban in their own right must be offered during the day.

5. However, when the Sages saw that the Torah would be forgotten, they applied the verse, "There is a time to do for Hashem, they went against Your Torah," and they permitted the writing of the Oral Law.

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