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1. Rava: If someone dedicates his animal as his friend's Korban and the animal then receives a blemish, he must pay a fifth of the value of the animal if he redeems it (like anyone who redeems something he dedicated as Hekdesh).
2. Rebbi Yochanan: When a person separates Terumah from his own grain on behalf of someone else's grain, he may choose which Kohen should receive the Terumah.
3. There is a discussion about whether a limb of an ordinary animal may be sanctified through Temurah (by way of another, whole animal Korban).

4. There is an argument about whether a fetus may be proclaimed to be holy.
5. If someone consecrates a fetus to be an Olah, it is either an Olah or its value must be used for the purchase of an Olah (based on the argument in #4 above).


1. However, his friend is not deemed the owner of the animal. Therefore, he does not have to pay a fifth if he redeems it. This is derived from the verse, "And if the one who dedicated will redeem his house," which implies that only the one who dedicated it has to pay a fifth if he redeems it.

2. This is derived from the verse, "All the Ma'aser of your produce and you will give," which implies that the owner of the produce separated as Terumah may choose to whom to give it, despite the fact that someone else's grain was also involved.

3. Tana Kama: A limb cannot become sanctified through Temurah, since a minimum of two whole animals must be used in order for the act of Temurah to be valid. Rebbi Yosi: A limb of an ordinary animal may be sanctified through Temurah, although the limb of a Kodesh animal cannot be used to cause an animal to become a Temurah.
4. Bar Pada: A fetus may not be consecrated, and therefore a person who is Makdish an animal when it is a fetus and then offers it in the Beis ha'Mikdash after it is born transgresses the prohibition against bringing Chulin into the Azarah. Rebbi Yochanan: A fetus may be consecrated. Moreover, if one consecrated an animal as a Korban Chatas and it had offspring, he may use the offspring to fulfill his obligation to bring a Korban Chatas.
5. According to both opinions, although one is permitted to benefit from the wool of the mother (since it is an ordinary Chulin animal), one is forbidden to make her work since it causes the Hekdesh fetus to weaken.

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