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TEMURAH 9 (1 Adar) - dedicated in memory of Mordecai (Marcus) ben Elimelech Shmuel Kornfeld, who perished in the Holocaust along with most of his family. His Yahrzeit is observed on 1 Adar. May his death and the deaths of the other Kedoshim of the Holocaust atone for the sins of Klal Yisrael like Korbanos.


1. An act of Temurah is valid even when the two animals involved are of two different types, and even when one has a blemish.
2. There is an argument about whether the act of Temurah is valid when one makes multiple animals Temurah at once.
3. There is an argument about whether the word "Behemah" means a single animal or it can also mean many animals.
4. There is an argument about whether Rebbi Shimon -- who says that Temurah must involve only one Chulin animal and one Kodshim animal -- would say that separate proclamations of Temurah, using the same Kodshim animal, are valid.
5. Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi: When a person redeems something that was Hekdesh only because of something else's Kedushah (i.e. a Temurah), he does not add a fifth to its value.


1. However, if an animal was consecrated to be a Korban after it already developed a permanent blemish, it does not make another animal holy through Temurah.
2. Tana Kama: Whether one says, "This animal (of Chulin) is in place of these animals (of Kodshim)," or he says, "These animals (of Chulin) are in place of this animal (of Kodshim)," the Temurah is valid. Rebbi Shimon: The verse, "And it and its Temurah will be holy," indicate that this occurs only when one uses one animal of Chulin and one animal of Kodshim.

3. The Tana Kama understands that it can mean many animals, and therefore when the words "Behemah b'Vehemah" are used regarding Temurah, they may refer to several animals at once. Rebbi Shimon: "Behemah" means one animal unless an adjective is attached to it, such as "Behemah Rabah" -- "many animals."
4. Reish Lakish: This is valid, since the Kodshim animal is equally holy before and after the first Temurah is done. Rebbi Yochanan: It is invalid.
5. Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi derives this from the verse that discusses the requirement to add a fifth: "And if the Makdish will redeem his house." He understands that the verse implies something that achieved its sanctity directly, and not something that achieved its sanctity only through being associated with another sanctified object.

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