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ERCHIN 4 (17 Sivan) - Today's Dafyomi study is dedicated to the memory of Moshe Grun (Moshe Shlomo ben Michael Z"L), by his good friends in Los Angeles, New York, and Jerusalem.


1. The Mitzvah of reading the Megilah (on Purim) comes before the Mitzvah of doing the Avodah in the Beis ha'Mikdash.
2. A group of Kohanim and non-Kohanim may join to form a Zimun, even if the Kohen is eating Terumah.
3. If a person obligates himself to pay a set value but does not specify which set value, he pays three Shekalim.
4. There are two versions of a statement of Rav Nachman with regard to the previous case (above, #3).
5. When someone pledges the actual value of a part of something or someone, there is a discussion about whether he must pay the value of the entire object or just the value of the part of the object that he pledged.


1. The importance of reading the Megilah is implied by the Mishnah which says, "Everyone is obligated in the reading of the Megilah."
2. One might have thought that this is not a valid group for a Zimun, since the non-Kohen cannot eat the food of the Kohen. The Mishnah therefore states, "Everyone joins for a Zimun," including such a case.
3. This is because the lowest possible set value is three Shekalim.
4. One version agrees with the statement above. The other version states that he pays only one Shekel. This is the minimum amount of money that one is obligated to pay if he cannot afford to pay a set value that he pledged.
5. If one pledges to give the value of a specific branch of a tree to Hekdesh, he gives only the value of that branch, and not the value of the entire tree. However, if he pledges the value of a significant part of a person or item, such as the value of a person's or animal's head, there is a disagreement about whether he must pay the value of the entire person or animal or only the value of his head.

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