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1. When a man reaches the age of sixty, the percentage of decrease in his set value (from 50 Shekalim to 15) is more than the percentage of decrease in the set value of a woman (from 15 Shekalim to 5) who reaches the age of sixty.
2. If a very rich person pledges to give "the weight of someone / something" to Hekdesh, we assume that he means the equivalent weight in gold.
3. If an ordinary person pledges to give "the weight of someone / something" to Hekdesh, he may give the equivalent weight of any item that is normally sold by weight.
4. If a person pledges the weight of his "Yad" ("hand"), he means the area from his elbow down.
5. The Mishnah discusses how we calculate the actual value when one pledges to give the value of his hand.


1. This is as people say, "If there is a grandfather in the house there is difficulty in the house, but if there is a grandmother in the house there is a treasure in the house." (A consolation to a man over sixty is that he is still worth more than a woman over sixty.)
2. This is supported by the incident with the mother of Yarmatya, who -- after pledging the weight of her daughter -- gave her weight in gold to the Beis ha'Mikdash.
3. This is true even if it is the type of thing that a seller weighs and then adds a few more of those items to the sale as a courtesy to the buyer.
4. While we find laws with regard to the hand that do not include the entire forearm, since people used the word "Yad" to refer to the elbow down this is the working definition of the word with regard to pledges.
5. We calculate how much he is worth as a slave with his hand, and subtract from that his value as a slave had he not been able to use this hand. The total is the actual worth of his hand.

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