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1. Rava: The Sela mentioned in the Torah is equivalent to 3 1/3 Dinar Tzuri.
2. Rebbi Chanina: All money mentioned in the Torah should be presumed to be in Sela. Money stated in the Nevi'im is in Litrin, and in Kesuvim it is in Kintrin.
3. Rebbi Oshiya: The Chachamim wanted to decree that a certain type of coin used primarily in Yerushalayim should be put in Genizah after the destruction of the Beis ha'Mikdash, but they eventually realized that Genizah was unnecessary.
4. What is the minimum amount of money required for a valid Kidushin?
5. Rav: All set amounts of silver money stated in the Torah are presumed to be Tzuri. Amounts of money stated by the Rabanan are presumed to be Medinah.


1. He proves this from the verse, "20 Gerah is a Shekel (Sela)." Since 20 Gerah are 20 Ma'ah, and each Dinar is six Ma'ah, a Sela equals 3 1/3 Dinar.
2. Rebbi Chanina: The exception is in Efron's sale of his field to Avraham, which was in Kintrin.
3. They wanted to forbid it, because it was possibly Hekdesh. It was decided not to do so because the verse states, "And promiscuous ones will come into it and defile it," implying that the Hekdesh status of the coins was removed.
4. Beis Shamai: A Dinar. Beis Hillel: A Perutah.
5. The Gemara did not understand that this refers to set amounts until it asked many questions on Rav's statement.

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