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1. The Gemara questions Rav Chisda's statement that all agree that there is a doubt about whether a Tumtum is a man or a woman.
2. Is an Androginus bird that is brought as a Korban considered a Neveilah (and is Tamei) after Melikah is done?
3. Many Amora'im agree about how to determine whether a Tumtum animal is male.
4. There is a dispute about whether a similar method (see #3) may be used to determine whether the animal is female.
5. There is a dispute about whether the wife of a Tumtum is obligated to perform Yibum.


1. Most of the answers state that the text "Tumtum" is not supposed to appear in that Beraisa.
2. Tana Kama: It is considered a Neveilah and Tamei (the Melikah is invalid). Rebbi Eliezer: It is not Tamei, and it is a valid Korban.
3. In contrast to human anatomy, a female animal's gender organs are in a different place than a male animal's gender organs. If the area over the male organ is sealed and its urine comes out of this seal, it is presumed to be a male.
4. Some say that its gender is still in doubt, since perhaps a male organ grew in that area. Others say that we do not suspect that the organ grew in an area where it is normally not located.
5. One Beraisa says that Yibum is done, because if the Tumtum was a woman the Kidushin was never valid in the first place, and thus the Tumtum's "wife" is not forbidden to the brother. Another opinion is that only Chalitzah is done, since it is possible the Tumtum is a Seris whose wife may not perform Yibum.

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