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1. For some aspects of Tum'ah, wooden vessels are compared to earthenware vessels.
2. If a Tamei liquid touches the outside of a vessel, no other part of the vessel becomes Tamei.
3. The Mishnah discusses different physical blemishes in the eye of a firstborn animal.
4. Even though a person is not permitted to rule that his own firstborn animal has a blemish, he may have his student rule so.
5. The Mishnah discusses two more types of blemishes in the eyes of a firstborn.


1. If the inside of an earthenware vessel becomes Tamei, it causes the outside of the vessel to become Tamei as well. The Torah compares wooden vessels to earthenware vessels in order to teach that this law applies to wooden vessels as well.
2. Liquids cause a vessel to become Tamei only mid'Rabanan. The Rabanan were lenient with regard to how much of the vessel becomes Tamei.
3. One such blemish is called a Chilazon or Nachash, referring to flesh that covers part of the dark part of the eye (as opposed to the white area around it).
4. However, this applies only if he issued this ruling in general before it applied to his animal. If he states a new ruling by saying that it applies to his animal, we suspect that he is saying it in order to permit his own animal.
5. One is a sickness characterized by white dots in the eyes. A second one is excessive liquid in the eyes, making it difficult for the animal to see.

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