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1. A Jew is obligated to redeem a firstborn donkey only if he has full ownership of the donkey and its fetus.
2. It is forbidden to sell a large animal (such as a cow or horse) to a Nochri.
3. Rebbi Yehudah: One may sell a large animal to a Nochri if its legs are broken.
4. Rebbi Yehudah: If a Jew agrees to raise the animal of a Nochri in exchange for half of its offspring, he must give half the value of its firstborn offspring to a Kohen.
5. Rebbi Yehudah: If a Jew hires a Nochri to raise his animal, and the Nochri receives half of the offspring in exchange, the Jew is required to buy back the firstborn from the Nochri and give its value to the Kohen.
6. Rebbi Yehudah permits selling an animal with broken legs to a Nochri because it will not heal.
7. The Rabanan argue that one cannot sell an animal with broken legs to a Nochri.
8. Shmuel's father: It is forbidden to enter into a partnership with a Nochri.


1. The verse "b'Yisrael" teaches that a Jew who buys a firstborn fetus owned by a Nochri, who sells his donkey's firstborn fetus to a Nochri, or who is a partner with a Nochri in a donkey, is exempt from redeeming the firstborn donkey.
2. This is because forbidden work will end up being done with it on Shabbos (see Avodah Zarah 14b).
3. If Rebbi Yehudah's reasoning is that one may sell an animal that cannot work to a Nochri, he should maintain that one may sell a fetus as well. If it is because an animal with broken legs is abnormal, since a fetus is normal he should not permit its sale.
4. The firstborn clearly cannot be brought as a Korban, as half of it is owned by a Nochri.
5. Since he was not supposed to enter into this transaction with the Nochri, he must buy the firstborn back from the Nochri, even if he must pay up to ten times its value to the Nochri.
6. This proves that Rebbi Yehudah maintains that one cannot sell a fetus (see #3 above), as it will grow into a healthy working animal.
7. Their reasoning is that if this is permitted, one will permit the sale of a healthy animal as well.
8. This is because the Nochri might have to swear to him if they have an argument about their partnership, and the Jew will inadvertently cause the Nochri to swear in the name of his idol.

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