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1. The prohibition against slaughtering a female animal and its offspring on the same day does not apply to wild animals.
2. There is an argument about whether consecrated animals which cannot be offered as Korbanos may be redeemed in order to be fed to dogs.
3. Offspring born to an animal after it was consecrated as a Korban is considered holy as well.
4. There is an argument about what should be done with such offspring (see #3).
5. There is a disagreement about what should be done with offspring conceived by an animal after it was consecrated as a Korban, but which was born after the animal was redeemed.
6. Rav Sheshes says that in the case above (#5), one may dedicate the fetus only to be the same type of Korban as its mother.


1. This is derived from the verse which mentions "an ox or sheep," which are domesticated animals.
2. The argument is based on the interpretation of the verse, "You will slaughter and you will eat."
3. This is derived from the extra words in the verse, "[. whether it is] male."
4. Some say that the offspring themselves should be offered as sacrifices. Others say that they should be sold after they receive a blemish, and the money received should be used to buy a Korban Nedavah, a voluntary Korban.
5. Rav Huna says that it should be put into a room until it dies. Rebbi Chanina says that one should dedicate the fetus as a sacrifice before he redeems its mother.
6. This Halachah applies to a case in which the mother did not have a blemish at the time it was consecrated as a Korban.

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