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1. There is a disagreement about whether Rebbi Yehudah agrees that one may redeem a Peter Chamor with anything other than a sheep.
2. If one redeems his friend's Peter Chamor, the redemption is valid.
3. If one steals a Peter Chamor before it is redeemed, he must pay Kefel (double) to its owner.
4. An animal that is bought or given as a gift is not obligated in Ma'aser Behemah.
5. A Jew who separates a sheep to redeem a doubtful Peter Chamor (see Mishnah 9a) must separate Ma'aser Behemah from that sheep.
6. If a person inherited ten firstborn donkeys from his mother's father who was a Kohen, and his grandfather had inherited them from his mother's father who was a Yisrael, he may redeem them with ten sheep and keep the sheep.
7. If a person inherited untithed grain from his mother's father who was a Kohen, and his grandfather inherited the grain from his mother's father who was a Yisrael, he may separate the Terumos and Ma'aseros and treat them as his own.
8. If a Nochri gathered grain that was grown in Eretz Yisrael, there is an argument about whether it is exempt from Ma'aseros.
9. If a sheep used to redeem a Peter Chamor dies before it is given to the Kohen, a Kohen may benefit from its carcass.


1. Rav Acha understands that Rebbi Yehudah requires redemption with a sheep. Ravina understands that Rebbi Yehudah allows redemption with other animals that are equal to the value of the donkey (as opposed to a sheep, which may be worth less than the donkey).
2. The person who performs the redemption gives the sheep to the Kohen. The owner of the donkey keeps it. The donkey does not become the possession of the one who performs the redemption.
3. Everyone agrees that a Peter Chamor before redemption is considered the money of its owner, and is not considered Hekdesh.
4. If a sheep is given to the Kohen for Peter Chamor and the Kohen proceeds to sell it or give it away, it will no longer be obligated in Ma'aser Behemah.
5. This was the intent of the Mishnah's statement (9a) that a sheep used to redeem a Peter Chamor is obligated in Ma'aser Behemah.
6. When the Kohen inherited the donkeys, it was as though he acquired the monetary gift of the donkeys that is given to a Kohen, but did not finish the Mitzvah by actually redeeming them. When the Yisrael inherits from the Kohen, he inherits the rights to the donkeys and must merely finish the redemption.
7. For example, he is allowed to sell the grain and keep the money, instead of having to give it to a Kohen.
8. The opinion that is lenient derives his view from the verse, "Your grain," which implies that the grain of Nochrim is excluded from the obligation of Ma'aseros.
9. The sheep is considered the property of the Kohen once it is used to redeem the Peter Chamor.

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