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1. If a female donkey that did not yet bear offspring has twin male donkeys, the owner must give a sheep to the Kohen.
2. If the donkey gave birth to twins, a female and male donkey, the owner must separate a sheep for himself.
3. If a person had two such female donkeys and they gave birth to either a male or female or to two males and a female, he gives one sheep to the Kohen.
4. The Torah explicitly states that a firstborn male donkey is redeemed with a sheep.
5. Rebbi Yehudah says that a Peter Chamor is forbidden from benefit before it is redeemed. Rebbi Shimon says that it is permitted.
6. One is permitted to redeem a firstborn donkey with things other than sheep, as long as they total the value of the firstborn donkey.
7. If one is Mekadesh a woman with a Peter Chamor, she is Mekudeshes.
8. The Gemara presents two ways to understand the argument between Rebbi Yehudah and Rebbi Shimon about whether a Peter Chamor is forbidden from benefit before its redemption.


1. Even though he does not know which one was born first, he clearly must redeem one donkey from the Kohen.
2. Although he must separate a sheep to redeem the male donkey because it is possible it was born first, the owner may eat the sheep himself. This is because the Kohen cannot take it away from the owner since he has no proof that the male was born first.
3. In this case, too, only one male donkey clearly must be redeemed from the Kohen.
4. Any type of sheep may be used. It may be male or female, big or small, blemished or unblemished.
5. The author of the Mishnah is Rebbi Yehudah, who says it is forbidden. This is why the Mishnah requires a person to separate a sheep to redeem a doubtful Peter Chamor, even though he is going to keep the sheep for himself. He must separate the sheep in order to permit benefiting from the doubtful donkey.
6. In contrast, when one redeems the firstborn donkey with a sheep, the redemption is valid even if the sheep is worth far less than the donkey.
7. Although the Peter Chamor must be redeemed by giving a sheep to the Kohen, a woman knows that she can buy a very cheap sheep to give to the Kohen and can keep the more expensive donkey as her Kidushin.
8. In the first way, they argue based on logical grounds. In the second way, they argue about how to interpret the verse, "Do not work with the firstborn of your oxen and do not shear [the wool of] the firstborn of your sheep."

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