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1. The Simanim of Kosher bird eggs and Kosher roe of fish are the same: sphere shaped, rounded on one end and tapered on the other, the yellow on the inside and the white on the outside.
2. The Simanim of non-Kosher bird eggs and non-Kosher roe of fish are the same: rounded on both ends or tapered on both ends; the yellow is on the outside and the white on the inside.
3. One may not sell an egg from a Tereifah to a Nochri unless the white and yellow were beaten together in a bowl.
4. If the white and yellow of an egg are mixed together, we can be certain that it is the egg of a Sheretz. Accordingly, if the embryo was already starting to form, one who eats it is Chayav Malkus for eating a Sheretz.
5. A newly-hatched chick that has not yet opened its eyes is regarded as a Sheretz and may not be eaten.
6. A Kosher egg that was cooked in the same pot as a non-Kosher egg that is still in its shell is permitted.
7. If a blood spot is found on the white of an egg, the remainder of the egg may be eaten after the blood is discarded.


1. However, these Simanim cannot be relied upon Min ha'Torah, since there are exceptions. The eggs of certain types of Orev resemble the eggs of a pigeons, and therefore one may not buy an egg from a Nochri unless it is intact and the Nochri asserts that the egg was hatched from a specific Kosher bird.
2. Thus, if a Nochri sells eggs -- which he claims are from a Kosher bird -- that are rounded or tapered on both sides, or if the yellow is on the outside and the white on the inside, he cannot be trusted.
3. An egg from a bird that is a Tereifah is non-Kosher and it may not be sold to a Nochri because of the concern that he will sell it to a Yisrael. He may sell it to a Nochri if the white and yellow were beaten together in a bowl, because then there is no concern that the Nochri will sell it to a Yisrael; a Yisrael may not buy an egg from a Nochri that was beaten in a bowl since the Simanim of the egg are indiscernible.
4. When no embryo started to form, Min ha'Torah it is permitted. It is prohibited only mid'Rabanan, and therefore there is no Chiyuv Malkus for eating it.
5. The Beraisa derives this prohibition from the verse, "Every Sheretz that swarms on the ground," which includes chicks that did not yet open their eyes. The Gemara explains that this prohibition is mid'Rabanan and the verse is only an Asmachta.
6. Although the non-Kosher egg exudes some liquid, it is considered to be mere water and it does not prohibit the Kosher egg.
7. However, if a blood spot is found in the yellow of the egg, the entire egg is forbidden, because the development of the embryo has spread throughout the egg.

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