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1. If Melikah is done with a knife, the bird becomes a Neveilah. If a person swallows it, it is Metamei him and his clothing.
2. According to Rebbi Elazar ben ha'Kefar, a bird does not require Shechitah Min ha'Torah. Rebbi disagrees.
3. According to Rav Nachman, the Shechitah of a bird entails the cutting of one Siman, either the trachea or the esophagus. Rav Ada bar Ahavah maintains that the esophagus must be cut.
4. If the trachea of a bird is dislocated after the esophagus is cut, the Shechitah is valid, but if it is dislocated before the esophagus is cut, it is Pasul.
5. Rebbi Yehudah maintains that the Veridin (jugular veins) of a bird must be cut at the time of the Shechitah.
6. If the Shochet cut half of a Siman of a bird or an animal, paused for the time it takes to perform a complete Shechitah, and then subsequently completed the Shechitah, it is not Pasul.
7. The Melikah of a bird must cut the spine and the neck, without the majority of the flesh on the neck.
8. An esophagus cannot be checked properly from the outside for a possible sign of Tereifah.
9. If one cuts half a Siman of a bird or one and a half Simanim of an animal, the Shechitah is invalid, according to Rav Kahana. Rav maintains that is a valid Shechitah Min ha'Torah.
10. If an oven which had become Tamei is broken into two parts, both pieces are Tamei, because it is impossible that it was broken exactly into half.


1. The Melikah of a bird must be done with the fingernail of the Kohen. If it is done with a knife, it is Pasul, and the bird is a Neveilah.
2. Even according to Rebbi Elazar ben ha'Kefar, a bird requires Shechitah mid'Rabanan.
3. According to Rav Ada bar Ahavah, it is not sufficient to cut only the trachea; the esophagus must be cut as part of the Shechitah, and not only the trachea.
4. If there is a doubt about whether the trachea was dislocated before or after the esophagus was cut, it is valid.
5. A bird is usually roasted whole. Therefore, the blood must be drained from the veins at the time of Shechitah, since it will not be removed later, according to Rebbi Yehudah.
6. Cutting half of a Siman does nothing, because even if half of the Siman was ripped out. it is not a Tereifah. Therefore, the delay does not invalidate the Shechitah.
7. If the majority of the flesh on the neck bone is cut, the bird will have died prior to the cutting of the Simanim, and it will not be a valid Melikah.
8. The slightest puncture wound in the esophagus renders the animal or bird a Tereifah. Since the esophagus is red on the outside, a puncture wound which is blood-filled will not be discernible.
9. Rav agrees that the Shechitah is Pasul mid'Rabanan. However, according to the conclusion of the Gemara, even according to Rav the Shechitah is Pasul Min ha'Torah.
10. The only method for purifying an oven which is Tamei is to break it. However, if one of the broken pieces is the majority of the oven, it remains Tamei. If it was broken into two parts, it is inevitable that one of the parts is the majority. Since it is not known which one is the majority, both parts remain Tamei.

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