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1. During Shechitah, one Siman of a bird must be cut, and two Simanim of an animal must be cut.
2. If one cuts the majority of one Siman of a bird, or the majority of two Simanim of an animal, the Shechitah is valid.
3. The Shochet does not need to cut the neck bone of the animal during Shechitah.
4. Even the head of an Olah must be placed on the Mizbe'ach.
5. The head of an Olah and its fat are placed on the Mizbe'ach first.
6. A Neveilah of an animal is Metamei with Maga and Masa. A Neveilah of a bird is not Metamei with Maga and Masa, but it is Metamei one's clothing when it is swallowed.
7. Fish do not require Shechitah.
8. If the Shechitah of a Chayah was invalidated and it became a Neveilah, or if one deliberately pierced or ripped the Simanim, he is exempt from covering its blood.


1. According to another version, l'Chatchilah even two Simanim of a bird must be cut.
2. According to another version, l'Chatchilah one must cut one entire Siman of a bird, and two complete Simanim of an animal.
3. It suffices to cut two Simanim without cutting the neck bone.
4. Although the head was cut off at Shechitah and is not one of the limbs that is stripped from its hide, it still must be placed on the Mizbe'ach with the other limbs.
5. When the head of an Olah is brought to the Mizbe'ach, the fat is placed over the open cut in order to cover the blood.
6. The Neveilah of a Kosher bird is Metamei one who swallows it, and it is also Metamei the clothing he is wearing.
7. Animals created from the earth require Shechitah of two Simanim. Fish, which were created from the water, do not require any Shechitah. Birds, which were created from mud, require the Shechitah of one Siman.
8. The Mitzvah to cover the blood of a Chayah and the blood of a bird applies only when the Chayah or bird is fit for eating.

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