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1. One may not possess sourdough on Pesach, unless he makes it into a chair.
2. Food offered to an idol as a sacrifice causes Tum'ah through Tumas Ohel.
3. Rebbi Shimon: A limb that is hanging off of a live animal is not considered food. Rebbi Meir: It can be considered food.
4. A limb that is loosely dangling from a live person or animal is Tahor.
5. The Gemara explains the Halachic difference between a limb that is detached from a dead person or a living person.


1. If he decides that it will never be used for food and that it will be used instead to sit on, he does not transgress any prohibition for keeping it in his possession on Pesach. It also does not continue to be Tamei due to its being food (if it had been made Tamei).
2. However, Abaye says this is Rabbinic Tum'ah, not Tum'ah according to Torah law.
3. The argument is whether or not it can become Tamei with Tum'ah specific to food.
4. If it were to become detached, it would be Tamei.
5. Both cause Tum'ah through carrying, touching, and Ohel. However, if a Kzayis of flesh or bone the size of a barleycorn was detached from this limb, it only causes Tum'ah if it came from the limb of a dead person, not that of a living person.

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