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1. Rebbi Meir discusses the law of food that is hanging together loosely, as it has been partially disconnected.
2. Rebbi Meir is lenient in this case (#1) regarding Rabbinic Tum'ah.
3. Rebbi understands that one should always be stringent in this case (#1).
4. A limb torn from a live animal and a limb from an improperly slaughtered animal both cause Tum'ah.
5. The difference between these two categories of Tum'ah (#4) is flesh that is detached from either of them.


1. If a Tevul Yom touches the smaller part of the food, the status of the larger part depends on the following test. If picking up the small piece causes the larger piece to be raised along with it, the large piece is also rendered Tamei (if touched by a Tevul Yom).
2. Regarding someone who is Tamei according to Torah law, Rebbi Meir holds that even if picking up the small piece does not cause the large piece to come with it, the large piece would still be rendered Tamei if the small piece was touched.
3. He is stringent even regarding Rabbinic Tum'ah. He, therefore, understands that Rebbi Meir deviated from his usual reasoning here, and holds that these two pieces are always considered connected as one.
4. While the Tum'ah of a limb from a Nevelah is explicitly stated in a verse, Rav Yehudah deduces from a verse that this is also true regarding a limb detached from a live animal.
5. While a Kzayis of flesh would still cause Tum'ah if it came from a dead animal, only a limb that includes flesh, bone, and sinews would cause Tum'ah if torn from a live animal (or from a limb torn from a live animal).

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