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1. Bones of Korbanos that had been attached to meat that became Nosar causes people’s hands to become Tamei.
2. Two methods of receiving Tum'ah do not combine to make Tum'ah.
3. A person can become Tamei through Tumas Ohel in two ways.
4. Rebbi Yosi deems a certain type of Tum'ah that seems to be Tumas Ohel as touching.
5. This principle (#4) helps us understand a difficult Mishnah.


1. Even though the bones themselves are not Nosar, as they are not food and are not meant to be eaten, since they were used to support the Nosar they also cause Tum'ah.
2. For example, if a person touches flesh of a dead person that is the size of half an olive, he does not become Tamei if he is also standing in a room where there is a piece of a dead person the size of half an olive (as one piece of flesh the size of an olive is needed to cause Tum'ah in one manner of transfer, either touching or being in the same house).
3. One way of becoming Tamei is by being in a home that contains a dead person (or a sufficient piece of him). Another way to become Tamei is for the person to hover over the dead person, even outside (i.e. when they do not share a roof).
4. If the Tum'ah is in an area where it is deemed not to have any other place to go, and it therefore fills up that area (known as Tumah Retzutzah), Rebbi Yosi deems a person who is in that area as "touching" the Tum'ah rather than sharing the airspace with it.
5. The Mishnah states that touching the size of half an olive of flesh of a dead person combines with being in the same home as another piece of flesh of a dead person the size of half an olive to make someone Tamei. Due to the rule said above (#2), this seems difficult, but is reconciled by saying that the author is Rebbi Yosi and he is applying this principle (the case is considered two cases of touching, and not one of touching and one of Ohel).

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