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1. The hair on a piece of flesh from a dead person or Nevelah meat causes the person who touches it to become Tamei.
2. If two pieces of a dead person’s flesh, each the size of half of an olive, are brought into a house, there is an argument whether the house is Tamei.
3. Rabah bar Rav Huna was too tired to answer a difficult question in Torah learning.
4. Two pieces of Nevelah that are each the size of half an olive might not cause the one who carries them to be Tamei.
5. However, if there is even a small strand of Nevelah meat that connects the two, it does cause Tum'ah.


1. Even though the hair is not an essential part of the flesh, it is considered a Shomer that transfers Tum'ah.
2. Rebbi Dosa ben Hurkinas: It is not Tamei, as the pieces are not large enough to combine, causing the house to become Tamei. Chachamim: They do combine to make the house Tamei.
3. When Rav Avya Saba asked him a difficult question in Taharos, he simply did not have the strength to answer, as he had just concluded giving a lengthy Shiur.
4. Ula: Unless the pieces are attached to each other, as opposed to being attached to the far ends of a long stick, they do not make the person who carries them Tamei (as would be the law regarding someone who carries a piece of Nevelah meat the size of an olive).
5. Therefore, the person who carries these connected pieces will be Tamei.

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