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1. There is an argument regarding whether a gentile may eat from a non-kosher animal after slaughter but before it is dead.
2. Rebbi Yochanan agrees that a gentile may eat from a kosher animal in the previous case (#1).
3. Chizkiyah admits that the non-kosher animal in this case does not have Tum'ah of a Nevelah.
4. A weak and/or sick person should eat very freshly slaughtered meat from the neck area.
5. If a person has relations with a dying animal, he is liable to be killed.


1. Chizkiyah: If an animal has had both its food and wind pipes cut and has not yet died, a gentile is permitted to eat it, as a Jew can eat from a kosher animal that has been slaughtered before it dies. Rebbi Yochanan: He may not eat from it, as it is considered eating a limb from a live animal (Aiver Min ha’Chai).
2. Since a Jew may eat from a kosher animal after slaughter and before it dies, a gentile may do so as well. However, he may not do so regarding a non-kosher animal.
3. This is because Tum'ah of a Nevelah only starts when an animal actually dies, not when it is deemed permissible to eat.
4. The Gemara says that a weak person should take meat from the neck (i.e. where the slaughtering took place) area of an animal that was just slaughtered, salt and wash it well immediately after the slaughtering, and then eat it after the animal dies.
5. One who has relations with a dead animal is not liable to be killed, since the animal is not yet considered to be Tamei like a Nevelah (dead animal). It is considered alive and therefore he is liable.

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