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1. Vegetable juice joins to the quantity of the vegetable to make one liable for eating on Yom Kipur.
2. Spices can combine together with food to make an amount that causes food to become Tamei.
3. Reish Lakish derives from a verse that some Torah prohibitions regarding eating often include drinking the item in a liquid form.
4. There is an argument whether a Yisrael who ate the honey of Terumah dates is considered to have eaten Terumah.
5. One only brings the liquid of grapes (i.e. wine) and olives (i.e. olive oil) as Bikurim.


1. Even though it is a liquid, when attached to the vegetable it came from it is deemed a solid. Therefore, if together they make up the amount of solid food that one is forbidden to eat on Yom Kippur, one who does so is liable for eating on Yom Kipur.
2. This amount is the size of an egg. Even though spices are not an integral part of this food, regarding Tum'ah they do combine to be considered like the food itself.
3. For example, he derives this regarding the prohibition of eating Chametz on Pesach, and eating the forbidden fat of an animal.
4. Rebbi Eliezer: He has, and therefore he must pay the principle and one fifth to the Kohen, as is the law of a Yisrael who eats Terumah. Rebbi Yehoshua: He has not, as the liquid is not considered the fruit itself, therefore, he does not pay the extra fifth.
5. The liquid of other fruits is not considered the fruit itself, therefore, not deemed to be Bikurim.

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