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12th Cycle dedication

CHULIN 114 (20 Tishrei) - Dedicated by Al and Sophia Ziegler of Har Nof, Jerusalem, and their son Jared, in loving memory of Al's mother, Chaya bas Berel Dov Ziegler, on the day of her Yahrzeit - and towards Jared's continued growth in Torah and Yir'as Shamayim.


1. A person who cooks meat with the watery run off of milk is exempt from lashes.
2. Similarly, if a person cooks animal blood with dairy he is exempt from lashes.
3. Watery secretions from olives (that are not deemed oil) are still halachically classified as a liquid.
4. It is forbidden to cook, eat, or benefit from [animal] meat and milk.
5. One may give to a Ger Toshav a piece of Neveilah (improperly slaughtered meat), but he may not give it to a Nochri.


1. While it is still forbidden, he is not liable to receive lashes.
2. Similarly, if a person cooks bones, sinews, horns, and hooves together with dairy he is not liable to receive lashes.
3. Accordingly, if these secretions come into contact with dry food items and the owner is pleased, they cause those food items to be subject to become Tamei (just as other liquids do).
4. The Gemara cites how the different prohibitions (cooking meat and milk together, eating a mixture of meat and milk, benefiting from a mixture of meat and milk) are derived from various verses.
5. One is forbidden to give a present to a Nochri (unless the Jew has a relationship with that Nochri whereby the Jew probably benefits by giving this present).

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