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1. Techeles is made from the blood of a Chilazon.
2. Even the easiest of Mitzvos is rewarded both in this world and in the next world.
3. A borrowed garment is exempt from Tzitzis for the first thirty days.
4. A guest in an inn is exempt from Mezuzah even in Eretz Yisrael. In Chutz la'Aretz, one who rents a house for thirty days or less is exempt from Mezuzah.
5. One who rents a house in Eretz Yisrael is obligated in Mezuzah immediately, in order to promote the settlement of Eretz Yisrael.
6. The Tefilin Shel Yad and the Tefilin Shel Rosh are two separate Mitzvos. Therefore, if one is put on without the other, a Mitzvah is fulfilled.
7. One who fails to put on Tefilin transgresses eight Mitzvos Aseh. Failure to wear Tzitzis on a four-cornered garment is a transgression of five Mitzvos Aseh. A Kohen who fails to recite Nesi'as Kapayim transgresses three Mitzvos Aseh.
8. If one has wine for Nesachim but he does not have flour and oil for the Minchas Nesachim, he may still pour the wine on the Mizbe'ach.
9. When the Minchas Nesachim is offered together with the Korban, it should be offered before the pouring of the Nesachim. According to the Tana Kama, if it is offered separately, it should be offered before the wine of the Nesachim. Rebbi disagrees.
10. A Minchas Nesachim may be offered at night and during the day after the Korban has been offered.
11. The Nesachim of a Korban are sanctified at the moment the Shechitah of the Korban is performed.
12. All of the Korbanos offered on the outer Mizbe'ach in the Azarah are valid even when only one Matanah is performed on the Mizbe'ach.


1. The Chilazon is a snail which ascends from the earth once every seventy years, making the process of producing Techeles very expensive.
2. Even the Mitzvah of Tzitzis, which is a Mitzvas Aseh, is rewarded in this world and the next world.
3. Min ha'Torah a borrowed garment is always exempt from Tzitzis. However, mid'Rabanan after thirty days it is obligated to have Tzitzis because people will think that it belongs to him.
4. Although a renter is obligated in Mezuzah, for the first thirty days of the rental he is exempt because of the possibility that he will back out of the rental.
5. When one leaves a rented house, he may not take his Mezuzah with him. Therefore, once the Mezuzah is in place, he will be reluctant to leave, and even if he does leave it will be easier for the owner to find another renter since there is a Mezuzah already in place.
6. Even one who owns only one without the other fulfills the Mitzvah.
7. One who wears Tefilin will merit to live a long life.
8. If one has flour and oil for the Minchas Nesachim, he may offer it on the Mizbe'ach even though he does not have the wine.
9. According to Rebbi, if the Minchas Nesachim is offered together with the Korban, it is offered first, because once we start with the Achilah of the Korban we continue with the Achilah of the Minchah prior to the Shtiyah of the wine. If the Minchas Nesachim is offered separately, the Nesachim is poured on the Mizbe'ach before the Minchas Nesachim is offered, because the Shirah of the Leviyim accompanies the Nesachim.
10. However, if the Minchas Nesachim was placed in a Kli Shares it must be offered on the same day, because it attains the sanctity of Kedushas ha'Guf, which becomes Pasul with Linah if left overnight.
11. If wine for Nesachim was designated for one Korban, it may be changed and used for another Korban. After the Shechitah of the Korban has been performed, the wine must be used only for that Korban.
12. Even a Chatas which requires, l'Chatchilah, four separate Matanos on the Mizbe'ach is valid b'Di'eved with one Matanah.

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