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1. The Beraisa discusses workers who are in the fields when Shabbos arrives.
2. There is a dispute about whether wives or servants who have their own house in a Chatzer must make an Eruv.
3. Students of a yeshiva who receive food from the yeshiva do not need to make an Eruv.
4. When a person's Eruv is in one place and he sleeps in another, his "place of Shabbos residence" for establishing his Techum is where he shows that he prefers to be.
5. The Gemara cites an(other) example of such a case.


1. If these workers sleep at home for Shabbos, they are able to walk through their entire city as if it is four Amos. If they normally sleep in the field, their Techum is determined by where they are in the field when Shabbos arrives (they may walk 2,000 Amos from that spot, and the city does not have the status of four Amos for them).
2. Rebbi Yehudah ben Beseirah: If a person has a Chatzer that contains separate houses for each wife and each servant, his wives do not need to contribute to the Eruv but his servants do. Rebbi Yehudah ben Bava: The exact opposite is correct: the servants do not need to contribute to the Eruv but the wives do.
3. This was taught by Rebbi Chiya when he learned at Rebbi's yeshiva, and by Rav when he learned at Rebbi Chiya's yeshiva.
4. For example, if one places his Eruv within 2,000 Amos of his house and he goes back to his house to sleep, his Eruv is established from the place where he placed it, because he is showing that had he been able to sleep where his Eruv was placed, he would have done so.
5. If yeshiva students eat in a certain place and sleep in their yeshiva, the yeshiva is considered their place of residence. This is because clearly they would prefer to eat in the yeshiva as well if that would be possible.

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