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1. If a person who nullified his domain carried anyway after the other people had moved items into the Chatzer, their permission to carry there remains intact.
2. Brazen Shabbos desecrators are not permitted to nullify their domain.
3. There is a dispute about a person who is suspected of transgressing a Torah prohibition.
4. The Gemara discusses how one nullifies his domain.
5. We accept sacrifices from Jews who are known to be evildoers so that they should repent.


1. Rebbi Yehudah and Rebbi Meir agree that he may not retract his nullification once they have used the yard.
2. Rather, they must rent to the other Jews their ownership in the Chatzer. If a person desecrates Shabbos only in private, he may nullify his ownership in the domain.
3. Rebbi Meir: Such a person is suspected of transgressing all Torah prohibitions. Rabanan: He is not suspected of transgressing all Torah prohibitions.
4. He merely says, "My domain is given over to you," or, "My domain is nullified to you." A Kinyan (act of acquisition) is not required.
5. However, we do not accept sacrifices from someone who brazenly does not keep any Mitzvos, or from someone who wantonly desecrates Shabbos or pours wine for idolatry.

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