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1. The Gemara explains the difference between a food that is "Zan" and a food that is "Mazon."
2. Rav Huna discusses the circumstances in which a person -- who swore not to eat a loaf of bread -- may use the loaf to make an Eruv.
3. The Gemara notes that Rav Huna (#2) agrees with one version of Rebbi Eliezer's statement.
4. The Gemara discusses the dispute about whether a certain food may be used for an Eruv if it may not be eaten by all of the people involved in the making of the Eruv.
5. The Gemara explains the opinion of Sumchus, which is a combination of the opinions mentioned above (#4).


1. "Mazon" refers to food that satiates and is used for making meals. All food is "Zan," meaning it can possibly fill one up, except for water and salt.
2. If he swore that he would not eat it, he still may be part of a group of people who use it as an Eruv, since the others may eat it. However, if he swore not to derive benefit from it, included in his oath is deriving benefit from it being used as an Eruv on his behalf.
3. There is another version that permits one to be part of an Eruv even when he swore that he will not derive benefit from the loaf of bread. Rav Huna agrees with the other students of Rebbi Eliezer who say that one may not benefit from the Eruv made with the loaf of bread.
4. The Mishnah (26b) and Beis Hillel (30a) state that an Eruv may be made with wine even if one of the people involved is a Nazir. It may be made with Terumah even if some of the people are non-Kohanim. Beis Shamai argues that in these cases the Eruv is invalid.
5. Sumchus (26b) says that an Eruv for non-Kohanim may not be made from Terumah, but he implies that an Eruv may be made from wine even if one of the people involved is a Nazir. This is because a Nazir can annul his oath of Nezirus. In contrast, annulling a declaration of Terumah is complicated.

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