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1. Rebbi Meir was a student of both Rebbi Yishmael and Rebbi Akiva.
2. Rebbi Yishmael warned Rebbi Meir that the task of a Sofer is a serious undertaking.
3. There is a dispute about whether a Sotah scroll written for one woman may be used for another woman.
4. The Gemara explains why Rebbi Achi says that a Sotah scroll may be used for another woman, while a Get document may not.
5. Rebbi Acha bar Chanina explains why the Halachah usually does not follow the view of Rebbi Meir.


1. The Gemara says that whenever we find a statement made by "a student who said something in the name of Rebbi Yishmael when he was in front of Rebbi Akiva," it is referring to Rebbi Meir.
2. If a Sofer mistakenly omits or adds a single letter, he may be considered as though he destroys the world. Rashi explains that if, instead of writing, "va'Hashem Elokim Emes," he forgets to add the Alef in the beginning of the word Emes (reading "Mes"), it is tantamount to destroying the world.
3. Tana Kama: It may not be used for another woman, since it must be written specifically for the woman using it. Rebbi Achi bar Yoshiyah: It may be used for another woman, as long as it is written for the use of a Sotah.
4. Rebbi Achi explains that since the Torah states, "And he will write [the Get] for her," the Get must be written specifically for the woman who is getting divorced. However, regarding Sotah the Torah states, "And he will do for her," referring to the act of erasing the scroll, not to the act of writing.
5. He was so great a Chacham that the other sages could not determine when his reasoning might have been inaccurate.

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