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1. The Mishnah discusses the manner in which one may fill up water from a stream that naturally enters and leaves his Chatzer.
2. Rebbi Yehudah: The wall of the Chatzer suffices to give the stream the status of a private domain.
3. Rebbi Yehudah: People drew water from the streams of Eivel that ran through their Chatzer without making a special wall.
4. One may fill up water from the sea by standing on a platform that is four by four Amos and lowering the bucket through a hole in the platform.
5. Rebbi Chananya ben Akavya permitted three leniencies for the people of Teveryah.


1. By making a wall of ten Tefachim along the width of the wall, he may take water from the stream on Shabbos. If this is not done, then he may not take water from the stream on Shabbos, because a stream is considered a Karmelis even though it runs through a private domain.
2. Since the stream enters and exits under the wall of the Chatzer, this wall encloses it and makes it into a private domain. The Tana Kama maintains that this wall is insufficient, because a hanging wall permits a stream only when it is clear that the wall was made for the stream (in this case, however, the wall was made for the Chatzer).
3. Tana Kama: This was because the streams of Eivel were very shallow; they were either less than four Tefachim wide or less than ten Tefachim deep. Such streams are subject to the same laws as the domain through which they run.
4. This applies only if one makes a wall of ten Tefachim that hangs over the water (from the bottom of the platform), and he lowers the bucket through the hole that is surrounded by the walls.
5. One may fill up water from a platform of four by four Amos on Shabbos, insulate food on Shabbos with residue from legumes, and dry himself with a towel when coming out of the bathhouse.

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