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1. Rav Huna issued Halachic rulings in the city of Charta (which happened to have been built by a warlock).
2. A Torah scholar may check his own knife before using it for Shechitah, if he is slaughtering his own animal.
3. A student is allowed to protest against one who is sinning, even if his Rebbi is present.
4. One who rules in the presence of his Rebbi is Chayav Misah.
5. One should not give all of the priestly gifts to one Kohen, even if he is his Rebbi.


1. Although Rav Chisda was, in a sense, the teacher of Rav Huna, they were also considered colleagues. Therefore, Rav Huna was not considered as though he was ruling in the same city as his teacher (Rav Chisda also lived in Charta).
2. However, if he is merely buying some of the meat and it is not his animal, the knife should be shown first to the Rav of the town (or the Rav in charge of doing such checking).
3. This is because when a desecration of Hashem's name is taking place, one does not give honor to his Rebbi instead of protesting the desecration.
4. The Gemara notes that Nadav and Avihu died because they ruled on their own instead of consulting Moshe Rabeinu. The Gemara adds that it is fitting for a snake to bite such a person.
5. The Gemara says that the verses imply that the plague of hunger in the time of David ha'Melech was a result of his giving all of his priestly gifts to his Rebbi, Ira ha'Ya'iri.

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