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1. The soldiers of an army are exempt from four things during battle.
2. Rebbi Yehudah ben Teima adds two more details that pertain to an army of Jews.
3. The Gemara explains how the army's allowance to take wood differs from an enactment issued by Yehoshua for everyone.
4. There is a dispute about whether one may feed to the soldiers of an army or to poor people produce of Demai (that might not have been tithed).
5. The Mishnah discusses the special law of making an Eruv around a public well, known as "Pasei Bira'os."


1. (a) They may take wood from anywhere they find it. (b) They are exempt from washing their hands before eating bread, (c) from tithing Demai (produce that might not have been tithed), and (d) from making an Eruv Chatzeros to permit carrying within their encampment.
2. They may make camp wherever they want to, and they are buried where they fall (in battle).
3. While Yehoshua decreed that everyone may take wood, he did so only with regard to small, wet bushes still attached to the ground, but not with regard to all wood in general, as is the case regarding the army.
4. Beis Shamai: One may not feed produce of Demai to soldiers and to the poor. Beis Hillel (and the Mishnah): One may feed Demai to them.
5. Since people in Reshus ha'Rabim often needed to let their animals drink the water from a well (which has the status of a Reshus ha'Yachid), the Chachamim instituted a law called "Pasei Bira'os." By erecting four L- shaped pieces of wood at the four corners of the area around the well, the area around the well is transformed into a Reshus ha'Yachid. The sides of each "L" must be at least ten Tefachim tall and six Tefachim wide in order to form an enclosed area and permit the people to bring their animals in to let them drink from the well.

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