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1. When the Kohen holds a Korban over the airspace of the Mizbe'ach, it has the same status as the Mizbe'ach. However, when the Korban is not being held by the Kohen, there is a doubt about whether the airspace of the Mizbe'ach has the same status as the Mizbe'ach.
2. Klei Shares used for measuring liquids are Mekadesh only liquids.
Klei Shares used for solids are Mekadesh only solids.
3. Klei Shares which are used for liquids, but which are not used for measuring, are Mekadesh solids as well as liquids.
4. A Kli Shares is Mekadesh only when it is whole, and when it contains the minimum Shi'ur of the item or when the Kohen intends to add more to achieve the minimum Shi'ur. It is Mekadesh only inside the Azarah.
5. A Minchah, Nesachim, or Bikurim may not be brought from fruits of Terumah, Orlah, or Kil'ei ha'Kerem. Even if it was placed in a Kli Shares it does not become sanctified and may not be offered.
6. If a Kli Shares is punctured, it is Mekadesh as long as it can still be used for its intended purpose.
7. If a knife in the Beis ha'Mikdash is in disrepair, it may not be sharpened, and the blade may not be reinserted into the handle. Bigdei Kehunah which became very soiled may not be washed.
8. According to the Tana Kama, there are 36 bells on each of the two sides of the bottom of the Me'il. Rebbi Dosa ben Hurkenos says that there are 18 bells on each side of the Me'il.
9. The Bigdei Kehunah, like the Korbanos, achieve atonement for the people.
10. The Me'il atones for public Lashon ha'Ra, while the Ketores atones for concealed Lashon ha'Ra.


1. If the Kohen is standing on the floor of the Azarah and the Korban is suspended in the airspace of the Mizbe'ach, there is a doubt about whether the airspace has the same status as the Mizbe'ach.
2. Klei Shares which are used for measuring liquids are not Mekadesh solids to allow them to be brought upon the Mizbe'ach. Nevertheless, they sanctify solids for Kedushas ha'Guf, and the solids become Tamei if a Tevul Yom touches them.
3. The Mizrekos are Mekadesh the flour of the Minchah. Although the flour is mixed with oil, it is regarded as a solid.
4. If the item placed inside the Kli Shares is heaped up and protrudes from the Kli Shares, there is a disagreement between two versions of Shmuel whether the Kli is Mekadesh the protruding item.
5. Kodshim may be offered only from an item which is permitted to all of Yisrael, and not from Terumah, which is permitted only to Kohanim, and not from Orlah and Kil'ei ha'Kerem which are forbidden to everyone.
6. If the vessel cannot be used for its intended purpose, it is not Mekadesh. It may not be repaired by melting down the area of the puncture hole or sealing it with lead, because it is not respectful to use repaired vessels, which lend an appearance of poverty, in the Beis ha'Mikdash.
7. According to some opinions, the Bigdei Kehunah may not be washed even if they are only slightly soiled, because in a place of wealth (the Beis ha'Mikdash) one may not lend an appearance of poverty.
8. A similar argument exists with regard to the Mar'os Nega'im. Rebbi Dosa ben Hurkenos says that there are 36 Mar'os Nega'im among all of the various Nega'im, including Nig'ei Batim and Nig'ei Begadim. Akavya ben Mehalalel says that there are 72 Mar'os Nega'im.
9. The Kesones atones for murder. The Michnasayim atone for forbidden relations. The Mitznefes atones for haughtiness. The Avnet atones for forbidden thoughts. The Choshen atones for Dinim. The Ephod atones for Avodah Zarah. The Me'il atones for Lashon ha'Ra, and the Tzitz atones for brazenness.
10. The bells of the Me'il make noise, and thus they atone for Lashon ha'Ra spoken in public. The Ketores is brought in private (since no one is allowed into the Heichal, or between the Ulam and the Mizbe'ach, at the time that the Ketores is brought). Therefore, it atones for Lashon ha'Ra spoken in private.

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