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ZEVACHIM 3 (1 Iyar) - Dedicated by Ari Friedman and family of Lawrence, N.Y., l'Iluy Nishmas Ari's father, Reb Yakov Yosef ben Rav Nosson Neta Z'L Friedman in honor of his Yahrzeit. Jack Friedman exemplified true Ahavas Yisrael and Ahavas Chesed; may he be a Melitz Yosher for his children and grandchildren and for all of Klal Israel.


1. If a person writes a Get for his wife and then decides not to divorce her, the Get may not be used by another couple that shares the same names.
2. If a person instructs a scribe to write a Get in order to divorce one of two wives with the same name whom he will decide later to divorce, the Get may not be used.
3. A scribe who writes divorce documents so that they will be available for a man who needs a Get must leave blank spaces for the date and for the names of the husband, the wife, and the witnesses.
4. A Chatas slaughtered l'Shem Olah is Pasul. If it is Chulin and is slaughtered l'Shem Chulin, it is Kosher.
5. A Get written in the name of a Nochri woman may not be used.
6. If a Sheretz is inside an earthenware oven, and a utensil is inside the oven, the food in the utensil is Tahor.
7. If there is a partition inside an oven and a Sheretz is on one side of the partition while the food is on the other side of the partition, the food is Tahor.
8. If there is a beehive inside an earthenware oven and it is broken open, even if it is plugged up with straw, the food in the beehive is Tamei if there is a Sheretz in the oven, according to the Tana Kama. Rebbi Elazar disagrees.
9. If there is a Mes on one side of a partition and utensils on the other side, the utensils are Tahor.
10. If food is coated with clay and placed in an earthenware utensil, the food is Tamei if there is a Sheretz in the utensil. .
11. If a Chatas is slaughtered l'Shem a person other than the owner, the Korban is Pasul if the person is Chayav a Chatas. If he is Chayav an Olah, the Korban is Kosher.


1. A Get that was written for one wife may not be used for a different wife with the same name.
2. The Get is not considered Lishmah, because this Tana rules "Ein Bereirah." It cannot become Lishmah retroactively.
3. Shmuel says that the space where it is written, "You are permitted to every man," must also be left blank.
4. A Chatas which is slaughtered she'Lo Lishmah is Pasul. If it is slaughtered Stam, it is Kosher. Shechitah l'Shem Chulin is the same as Shechitah Stam.
5. Although a Get that was written for a Nochri is not regarded as she'Lo Lishmah, it is regarded as a Get which was written Stam which is also Pasul.
6. A Sheretz found in an earthenware utensil is Metamei any food that is in the utensil. If the food is inside an inner utensil and the rim of the inner utensil is above the rim of the outer earthenware utensil, the food inside the inner utensil is Tahor.
7. Only food that is inside an inner utensil is Tahor. Food on the other side of a partition is Tamei.
8. According to the Tana Kama, a beehive which is broken open is regarded as a partition, not a utensil, in spite of the fact that it is plugged up with straw. According to Rebbi Elazar, even though it is not a utensil, the food inside of the beehive is Tahor.
9. A partition does not protect food from becoming Tamei from a Sheretz. It protects utensils inside an Ohel from becoming Tamei from a Mes, since it the usual manner to divide an Ohel with a partition.
10. Although a clay coating protects food from Tum'ah if it is touched by a Sheretz, it does not protect the food from becoming Tamei in an earthenware utensil. Food inside an earthenware utensil is protected only if it is inside a separate utensil.
11. A Chatas which is slaughtered l'Shem a person other than the owner is Pasul. This is true only if he is Chayav a Chatas like the owner.

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