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1. Even a Nochri who occupies himself in the pursuit of Torah is akin to a Kohen Gadol.
2. A Nochri who keeps the seven Mitzvos of Bnei Noach is rewarded like a person who keeps Mitzvos which he was not commanded to do.
3. Hashem made a condition at the time of the creation of the world that if the nation of Yisrael will not accept the Torah, the world will be destroyed.
4. A person has the opportunity to do the Mitzvos only in this world, not in the next world.
5. If one is in pain by being in the Sukah, he is exempt from the Mitzvah.
6. In the times of Mashi'ach, and in the times of David and Shlomo, converts were not accepted.
7. Since the day of the destruction of the Beis ha'Mikdash there has been no laughter in Heaven.
8. Reish Lakish says that anyone who occupies himself in Torah at night will be granted favor by Hashem during the day.
9. All afflictions a person suffers are from Heaven, except for afflictions which are the result of the cold or the heat.
10. Reish Lakish maintains that there is no Gehinom in the next world, but Hashem will take the sun out of its sack and it will shine brightly.


1. The Torah states that any "Adam who does the Mitzvos will live with them." A Nochri is also called an "Adam."
2. Since the Nochrim are commanded to keep the seven Mitzvos Bnei Noach, they are punished for their failure to keep them. A person who is commanded to perform a Mitzvah is rewarded more than a person who is not commanded.
3. At the time of Matan Torah, the world was in fear over the possibility that Bnei Yisrael would not accept the Torah. After they said, "We will do and we will listen," the world was at ease.
4. A person who works on Erev Shabbos will eat on Shabbos, whereas one who does not work on Erev Shabbos will have no food to eat on Shabbos. However, in this world a person is not rewarded; he must wait until the next world to receive his reward.
5. However, he should not show contempt for the Mitzvah by kicking the Sukah, which the nations will do in the next world.
6. At those times, they converted only as a result of the great stature of Klal Yisrael.
7. Yerushalayim will never be forgotten in Heaven.
8. According to another version, Reish Lakish maintains that anyone who occupies himself with Torah in this world, which is analogous to the night, will be granted favor by Hashem in the next world, which is analogous to the day.
9. If a person falls ill from the cold or heat, it is a result of his own negligence to take proper measure to protect himself from the elements.
10. The Resha'im will receive their punishment from the heat of the sun. At the same time, the Tzadikim will be healed from the heat.

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