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1. A woman may not seclude herself with a male Nochri.
2. If a woman was captured by Nochrim because of money that her husband owed them, she is permitted to her husband.
3. If a woman was captured by Nochrim because she was condemned to death, she is forbidden to her husband.
4. If a parcel is placed on a Parah Adumah, the Parah becomes Pasul.
5. Rebbi Eliezer and the Rabanan disagree about whether a Korban may be bought from a Nochri.
6. There is a disagreement about whether a Parah Adumah which was born via a Caesarean section is Kosher.
7. A Parah Adumah which has a Mum, was Nirva, was designated for an Avodah Zarah, or was worshipped as an Avodah Zarah is Pasul.


1. Nochrim may not be trusted with Arayos.
2. We are not concerned that she was Mezanah with her captors. Her captors do not want to lose the money that is owed to them.
3. We are concerned that out of fear for her life she was Mezanah with her captors.
4. However, an Eglah Arufah is Pasul only if it pulls with the weight on its back.
5. Rebbi Eliezer prohibits buying a Korban from a Nochri because of the concern for Revi'ah. The Rabanan disagree and say that a Nochri will not be Rove'a his own animal because it will cause the animal to become sterile or weak.
6. According to the Rabanan, just as other Korbanos which were born via a Caesarean section are Pasul, a Parah Adumah is also Pasul. Rebbi Shimon maintains that it is Kosher. A Parah Adumah differs from other Korbanos, because it is not brought on the Mizbe'ach and it is only Kedushas Bedek ha'Bayis.
7. Although a Parah Adumah is only Kedushas Bedek ha'Bayis, a Gezeiras ha'Kasuv teaches that it becomes Pasul from a Devar Erva or Avodah Zarah.

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