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1. A person who says that Torah is not from Heaven, or that Techiyas ha'Mesim is not Min ha'Torah, will have no share in the World to Come.
2. Aba Shaul adds that one who pronounces the name of Hashem in the way that it is written has no share in the World to Come.
3. Anyone who has the opportunity to protest a transgression and fails to do is punished.
4. The transgressions that a person tramples with his feet in this world will surround him in on the Day of Judgment.
5. According to the Tana Kama, one is forbidden to attend a bull fight because it is a Moshav Letzim. Rebbi Nasan permits it.
6. It is permitted to attend a siege where magic shows are performed as long as one does not participate in the siege.
7. It is forbidden to attend events of Nochrim that are held in an arena.
8. Rebbi Elazar maintains that a scoffer will suffer from afflictions.
9. Rav Katina maintains that a scoffer will lack Mezonos. Reish Lakish maintains that he will fall into Gehinom.


1. Even if a person acknowledges that there will be Techiyas ha'Mesim but denies that the Torah alludes to it, he will have no share in the World to Come.
2. However, it is permitted if it is done for purposes of learning. It may not be done publicly, however.
3. The wife of Rebbi Chanina ben Teradyon was punished for not protesting when Rebbi Chanina pronounced the name of Hashem publicly.
4. A person will be punished for the transgressions that he does with his feet on the Day of Judgment. Alternatively, a person will be punished on the Day of Judgment for the transgressions that he deems to be trivial and insignificant.
5. The Tana Kama prohibits attending bull fights because it leads to Bitul Torah. Rebbi Nasan permits it because the Jews in attendance potentially could save the life of a fellow Jew who is gored by a bull. They also could serve as witnesses to permit the remarriage of the wife of a Jew who is killed at the bull fight.
6. Although it is a Moshav Letzim, it is permitted to attend because of Yishuv Medinah.
7. Rebbi Meir prohibits it because it is assumed that they are raising money for their Avodah Zarah. The Rabanan prohibit it because it is a Moshav Letzim.
8. He will first suffer from afflictions, and at the end he will be annihilated.
9. Someone who is haughty also will fall into Gehinom.

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