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1. According to Rebbi Akiva the Nega of Se'es combines to form a Nega the size of a Gris with both the Nega of k'Sid ha'Heichal and with the Nega of k'Krum Beitzah. .
2. Rebbi Akiva maintains the reason the Mishnah mentions the names of the Nega'im is because a Kohen who is not an expert in the appearance and names of the Nega'im is disqualified from ruling on them.
3. The four Nega'im of a mixed red and white color all have the appearance of wine mixed with milk.
4. The Rabanan maintain that the Toldah of Baheres is Sid ha'Heichal and the Toldah of Se'es is k' Krum Beitzah.
5. The Nega of Se'es has the appearance of white wool.
6. Rebbi Chanina maintains that the order of the Nega'im according to the Rabanan is analogous to two kings and two ministers underneath them.
7. A person who eats Kodesh or enters the Mikdash in a state of Tum'ah b'Shogeg, brings a Korban Oleh v'Yored, if he was aware of the Tum'ah in the beginning and at the end. .


1. The Nega'im of k'Sid ha'Heichal and k'Krum Beitzah are Toldos of Se'es and therefore they combine with Se'es. The Nega of Baheres however, has no Toldos. Therefore, it combines only with Se'es, which is the Nega closest to its color, and it does not combine with the other two Nega'im.
2. It is not necessary to mention the names of the Nega'im. The Mishnah could have stated that a Nega with the appearance of k'Krum Beitzah and brighter is Tamei, and they combine with each other.
3. The difference between them is that the brightest Nega looks like two drops of wine mixed with milk. The next brightest Nega looks like four drops of wine mixed with milk. The brightest Nega after that looks like eight drops of wine mixed with milk. The dullest Nega looks like twelve drops of wine mixed with milk. According to some opinions, it has the appearance of milk mixed with sixteen drops of wine.
4. However, Rebbi Akiva says that Baheres has no Toldos, and Sid ha'Heichal and k'Krum Beitzah are both Toldos of Se'es.
5. It has the appearance of the very bright white wool of a lamb which was covered up from the day it was born.
6. Baheres and Se'es, which are the Avos, are analogous to the kings, while Sid ha'Heichal and k'Krum Beitzah, which are the Toldos, are analogous to the officers.
7. However, if one eats Terumah in a state of Tum'ah, he has no obligation to bring a Korban.

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