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1. If a person vows not to eat a loaf of bread and subsequently repeats the vow, he is Chayav only for the first vow.
2. If a person cuts off a Baheres from his skin, he is Chayav Malkus.
3. Rebbi Yishmael says that a Lav which is punishable with Misas Beis Din may also be punished with Malkus.
4. Rebbi Akiva learns that a person who was aware that he was Tamei, but unaware that he was eating Kodesh or entering the Mikdash, does not bring a Korban Oleh v'Yored. Rebbi disagrees.
5. Rebbi says that the entire Torah is expounded with a Ribuy and Mi'ut, and therefore there is a Chiyuv Korban even for a Shevu'as Bituy of the past.
6. Rebbi rules that a person may redeem his firstborn son from the Kohen with anything other than Shetaros. The Rabanan rule that land or servants also may not be used for the redemption.
7. Rebbi Yosi bar Yehudah maintains that all types of instruments may be used on an Eved Nirtza. Rebbi disagrees.


1. Once he vows not to eat the bread, he is prohibited by the Torah from eating the bread. Consequently, the second vow is not valid because a vow which affirms a Mitzvah of the Torah does not take effect.
2. The term "Hishamer," which the Torah uses with reference to the prohibition of cutting off a Baheres, is considered an Azharah.
3. If the sinner was given a Hasra'ah for Malkus instead of for Misah, he is punished with Malkus according to Rebbi Yishmael.
4. Rebbi maintains that there is an obligation to bring a Korban whether one was unaware of the Tum'ah or unaware that he was eating Kodesh or entering the Mikdash.
5. If the Torah is expounded with Ribuy Mi'ut v'Ribuy, everything is included and only one thing is excluded. In this case, a Shevu'ah which annuls a Mitzvah would be excluded. All other Shevu'os, including Shevu'os of the past, are included.
6. Rebbi expounds the Torah with Ribuy Mi'ut v'Ribuy. Therefore, he excludes only Shetaros. The Rabanan expound the Torah with Klal u'Frat u'Chlal, and they exclude anything that is not similar to the Prat.
7. Rebbi says that only metal instruments may be used on an Eved Nirtza.

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