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1. A Ben Sorer u'Moreh is only Chayav if he eats meat and drinks wine.
2. A Ben Sorer u'Moreh is only Chayav if he buys the meat and wine at a discount.
3. A Ben Sorer u'Moreh is only Chayav if he eats the meat partially cooked and drinks the wine partially diluted.
4. A Ben Sorer u'Moreh is only Chayav if he eats the meat while it is still fresh and he drinks the wine after it had aged somewhat.
5. On Erev Tish'ah b'Av it is forbidden to eat two cooked items, to eat meat or to drink wine.
6. Wine reddens the face of Resha'im in this world and whitens their face in the next world.
7. Cham prevented Noach from having a fourth child.
8. There are various opinions regarding what kind of tree the Etz ha'Da'as was.
9. The mother of Shlomo ha'Melech rebuked him for drinking too much wine.
10. A Ben Sorer u'Moreh is only Chayav if he ate meat and drank wine with a group of worthless people.
11. A Se'udah of Ibur consists of bread and legumes and requires at least ten men.
12. A boy who eats forbidden meat is not Chayav as a Ben Sorer u'Moreh.


1. The Tana Kama maintains he is Chayav if he eats a half of a Maneh of meat and a half of a Log of Italian wine. Rebbi Yosi says he is only Chayav if he eats a Maneh of meat and drinks a Log of wine.
2. If he buys it at a discount it is possible for him to continue with his habit. Otherwise, he could not afford to continue his habit.
3. He will not be able to continue with his habit if he cooks the meat thoroughly. Doing so requires a greater length of time, and if repeated it would jeopardize him with being caught.
4. If he ate meat that was left overnight or he drank wine that had not been aged for at least forty days, it is not habit forming and he is not Chayav.
5. However it is permitted to eat meat on Erev Tish'ah b'Av if the meat is two days old and has been salted in order to preserve it. It is permitted to drink wine if it has not yet aged and still has a sharp taste.
6. Wine was only created for Resha'im and for mourners. It was created for Resha'im in order to grant them their reward in this world. Wine was also created for the purpose of comforting mourners.
7. For this reason Noach cursed Kena'an, who was the fourth child of Cham.
8. Rebbi Meir says it was a grapevine, because nothing causes tragedy as much as wine. Rebbi Yehudah says the tree of knowledge was wheat, because a child doesn't learn how to talk until he eats wheat. Rebbi Nechemyah says it was a fig tree, because only the tree with which they sinned would provide them with a leaf to cover themselves.
9. Shlomo ha'Melech eventually admitted that his mother was right. He resolved that he would not make the same mistake as Adam ha'Rishon and Noach with regard to wine.
10. If there is even one worthy person together with the Ben Sorer u'Moreh, he is not Chayav. As a result of the worthy person his habit will eventually be broken. Also, if he eats a Se'udas Mitzvah, even if he is together with unworthy people he is not Chayav.
11. At least ten people go up into the attic on the night following the thirtieth day of the month in order to publicize that the Beis Din made an Ibur Chodesh. They go up when it starts getting dark and they go down early in the morning, so that people will see them going up and down.
12. If a boy eats Neveilos, Tereifos, or Shekatzim, he is not Chayav. If he ate only bird meat and not animal meat, even if it was from a Kosher bird he is not Chayav.

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