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1. Even though placing the object into the vessel of the buyer might not serve as a valid Kinyan when the vessel is in the domain of the seller, everyone agrees that it make a Kinyan in one case.
2. Rava: Movable objects are generally acquired through pulling them, unless it is normal to pick them up.
3. If one steals a wallet on Shabbos, carrying it from one domain to another, he is liable to pay for it even if he is also liable for the death penalty for Hotza'ah on Shabbos.
4. There is a dispute about how animals are acquired.
5. Even though a small animal may be picked up, the fact that the Chachamim say that it is acquired only by being pulled poses no question on the opinion of Rava (#2).


1. When the seller explicitly tells the buyer to use his vessels to acquire the item, it is as if he is telling him that he is giving him the usage of his domain (temporarily) in order to enable him to acquire the item.
2. If they are light items that are easily picked up, one must acquire them by picking them up, not by pulling them.
3. This is because he acquires the wallet (becoming obligated to pay for it) before he becomes liable to be killed. If he would acquire it and become liable to be killed at the same moment, he would not have to pay for the wallet, the rule of "Kim Lei bed'Rabah Minei" (a person receives the greater punishment) would apply.
4. Rebbi Meir: A large animal (such as an ox) is acquired by giving over its reins, while a small animal (such as a sheep) is acquired by picking it up. Chachamim: A small animal is acquired through pulling it.
5. This is because it is difficult to pick up even a small animal, and Rava was referring only to items that are easy to pick up. Rava maintains that such items must be picked up (and not pulled) in order to acquire them.

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