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1. If a person says that he is selling even the "depth and height" of the house, he still does not include everything.
2. The Mishnah discusses whether a seller of a house who does not include certain things must buy a path to get to them.
3. Rebbi Akiva admits that if the seller explicitly excluded certain things from the sale, then he already owns a path to get to his items.
4. There is a dispute about whether a buyer of a reservoir must also buy a path to the reservoir (when it is in the seller's property).
5. The Gemara explains the basis of the argument between Rebbi Akiva and the Chachamim.


1. The Mishnah says that because water reservoirs serve a different function than the house, they are not included in the sale unless expressly included.
2. Rebbi Akiva: He must buy a path to get to certain things that were not included in the sale (such as the reservoir mentioned in #1). Chachamim: It was inherent in the sale that he leaves himself a path to get to his reservoir.
3. Since he did not have to add this condition, since those objects anyway were not part of the sale, he must have added this condition in order to retain a path to get to these things (such as the reservoir).
4. Rebbi Akiva: He does not need to buy a path to the reservoir. Chachamim: He does need to buy a path.
5. Rebbi Akiva: A seller sells with "a good (i.e., generous) eye," meaning that he adds whatever could be included into the deal. Chachamim: A seller sells with "a bad (i.e., stingy) eye," meaning that anything not explicitly mentioned as part of the deal is not included unless it is an inherent part of what was explicitly sold.

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