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1. If two contiguous fields are known as "Reuven's field" as opposed to "Reuven's fields," they are considered one field.
2. Whatever land Hashem showed Moshe Rabeinu before he died is considered obligated in Ma'aser by Torah law.
3. The Mishnah discusses a case of Edim Zomemim who testified about a Chazakah.
4. The Mishnah discusses a case of three sets of Edim Zomemim, one for every year of the Chazakah.
5. Rebbi Akiva argues that there is no such thing as three sets of witnesses each testifying on one year of a Chazakah.


1. This occurs only when there are no fences or trees separating the two fields.
2. The Gemara says that this excludes the lands of the Keini, Kenizi, and Kadmoni. There is a three way argument in the Gemara regarding which three lands are the lands of these three nations.
3. If two witnesses testified that a person had a Chazakah, and they were then made into Zomemim, they must pay the person they testified against the value of the property they were trying to get him to lose.
4. In this case, each set of witnesses who testified on one year of the Chazakah must pay one third of the value of the land to the person they testified against. This is because Edim Zomemim split monetary payment.
5. This is because Rebbi Akiva understands from the verse, "Davar" -- "thing," regarding testimony, that witnesses must testify about a complete "thing" -- "v'Lo Chatzi Davar," "and not half of a thing." He understands that this means that the testimony of witnesses is valid only when they testify about a Halachic status, not part of a Halachic status.

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