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BAVA BASRA 53 - Dedicated by Mrs. Eta Kloristenfeld in memory of Dr. Shlomo Sprecher a'h, who was Niftar yesterday (17 Adar). Dr. Sprecher was an extraordinary Talmud Chacham, who gave a Dafyomi Shiur for decades.


1. The possessions of a convert who dies without leaving any Jewish relatives are deemed ownerless.
2. If a person builds a house from bricks belonging to a deceased convert, but someone else puts a door on the house, the second person acquires the house.
3. If a person finds a house that belonged to a deceased convert and he paints it or puts a layer of plaster on it, he acquires it.
4. If a person lies down on a mattress that he placed on the property of a deceased convert, he acquires the property.
5. The Gemara discusses how one acquires an Eved Kena'ani who was formerly owned by a (now deceased) convert.


1. Accordingly, the first person who takes possession of them owns them.
2. This is because putting a door onto a house that is being built constitutes the legal act of acquisition.
3. Even if one puts paint or plaster on only one square Amah opposite the doorway, it is an act of acquisition. Making drawings on the walls is also an act of acquisition.
4. This is considered a form of Chazakah (a show of ownership), and one acquires property through Chazakah.
5. If the servant performs the type of service for him that a servant normally does for his master, such as taking off or putting on his shoes, he acquires this (ownerless) servant.

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