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1. A person may bring a Korban only when he wants to bring it (but not when he is forced to bring it).
2. The Chachamim decreed that if Nochrim force a Jewish man to give his wife a Get, the Get is invalid.
3. If a Beis Din uses Nochrim to enforce its ruling that a man must give a Get, the Get may possibly be valid.
4. There is a dispute about the law in the case of a forced Kidushin.
5. The sages can nullify a Kidushin, whether it was effected with money or with relations.


1. If he does not want to bring a Korban that he pledged to bring, Beis Din forces him until he says, "I want to bring it."
2. Rav Mesharshiya: According to Torah law, the Get is valid. However, the sages wanted to prevent a Jewish woman who wants a divorce from asking a Nochri to force her husband to divorce her.
3. The Get is valid provided that the Nochrim who are forcing the husband to give the Get say, "Do as the Jews (Beis Din) tell you!"
4. Ameimar: Just as a forced sale is valid, a woman who is forced to accept Kidushin is indeed married. Mar bar Rav Ashi: Since this man is acting improperly, the sages nullify his Kidushin.
5. If the Kidushin was done with money, they retroactively declare his money ownerless, and therefore the Kidushin was invalid. If it was done with relations, they declare that his relations were promiscuous, and therefore they are not considered a valid Kidushin.

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