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1. Abaye: A Torah scholar may retract his testimony regarding his mistaken identification of a woman.
2. If a Torah scholar says that he is sure that a certain woman is the woman he dealt with, we believe him.
3. When a Torah scholar becomes engaged to a woman he should have someone look at her for him.
4. Even though the husband should have to pay for the writing of a Get, today the wife pays for it.
5. There is a dispute about what the Mishnah means when it says, "Shtar Beirurin."


1. When Rav Yirmeyah bar Aba mistakenly testified that a woman for whom he had signed a receipt was not the woman who presented herself to the court, and he later realized his mistake, he was believed to retract his testimony. This is because Torah scholars who do not look at women can understandably have problems identifying them at first (especially after a long time, during which the woman's voice changed).
2. This is despite the fact that Torah scholars do not always look well enough at women to remember their features.
3. This is in order to ensure that someone else recognizes her, and she will not be exchanged for a different woman (as happened to Yakov Avinu).
4. This was instituted by the Chachamim so that a Get not be delayed due to a husband's claim that he cannot pay the scribe.
5. The Gemara's first opinion: This refers to a document recording the claims of the two parties in Beis Din, in order that the judges can reference their claims while deciding on the case. Rav Yirmeyah bar Aba: This is a document that states which judges the two parties choose (using the "Zabla" method) to settle their dispute; each one picks one judge, and then they pick a third judge together.

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