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BAVA BASRA 166 (13 Tamuz) - Today's Daf is dedicated to the blessed memory of U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Seymour Ira Gottlieb (Yitzchak Shimon ben Chaim Shlomo Yosef ha'Levi, Z"L), who died in World War II on the 13th of Tamuz 5704 in the battle of St. Lo, France, fighting the Nazis to save his Jewish brethren in Europe.


1. A person who writes that he owes a "golden coin" cannot claim that he meant a golden Perutah (a very small denomination).
2. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel made sure that the price of bird offerings went down.
3. The Gemara says that the last line of the text of a document is usually considered decisive when there is a contradiction in a document.
4. The Gemara says that there are cases when the text at the top of a document clarifies the intent of the text at the bottom.
5. Rav Papa was unsure in a certain case about whether we should derive the intent of a document from the text at the bottom of the document.


1. This is because, generally, coins as small as golden Perutos are not in circulation. Rather, the words must be referring to a golden Dinar, which is the smallest, widely-circulated golden coin.
2. When the price rose to a golden Dinar, he wanted to make sure that it fell to a silver Dinar. Finally, a pair of birds cost a quarter of a silver Dinar.
3. For example, if the text at the beginning of a document says that the item in question is one thing, and the text at the end says that it is another, the Gemara concludes that we generally look at the last line to ascertain what actually transpired.
4. If there is a name in the document that has one more letter in the text at the top, the text at the bottom is presumed to be the same name. For example, if the name "Chanani" appears on the top and "Chanan" appears on the bottom, the name is presumed to be "Chanani."
5. If the item in question is stated as a "Kepel" ("Talis," which is folded) at the top of the document, and as a "Sefel" on the bottom of the document, Rav Papa is unsure about whether the document really refers to a Kepel, and a fly landed on the Kuf and turned it into a Samech (making it into "Sefel").

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