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1. Most people sin by stealing, and a minority are involved in promiscuity.
2. If a person instructs a scribe to write a simple Get in an area where they use simple Gitin, and the scribe ties it, it is invalid.
3. The Gemara understands that the dispute in the Mishnah refers to a place where both simple and tied documents are used.
4. Abaye lists many Tana'im who say that instructions are usually not meant to be followed exactly, but meant to be just one way to achieve the desired result.
5. If a document states that a person borrowed "one hundred Zuz that is twenty Sela," the borrower pays only twenty Sela.


1. Everyone sins in some manner through "Avak Lashon ha'Ra" (lit. "the dust of Lashon ha'Ra," meaning a Rabbinic prohibition of Lashon ha'Ra). (The Gemara says that it cannot be that everyone transgresses the actual Torah prohibition against Lashon ha'Ra every day.)
2. This is because the husband who instructed that the Get should be written only authorized the writing of a Get that is customarily used in that area.
3. The case is where the husband asked for a simple document, and the scribe prepared a tied document. Tana Kama: Since the husband asked for a simple document, the scribe's tied document is invalid. Raban Shimon ben Gamliel: The husband was just telling the scribe a way he could make the Get, but not that it had to be a simple Get.
4. This is akin to Raban Shimon ben Gamliel's opinion that the husband does not really care whether the Get is simple or tied, and he just said "simple" as it is the easiest Get to make. Abaye says that Rebbi Shimon and Rebbi Elazar agree with this principle.
5. Beis Din obligates the borrower to pay only twenty Sela (if he claims that he borrowed only twenty Sela), as it is possible that he borrowed one hundred Zuz of poor quality that were indeed worth only twenty Sela.

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