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BAVA BASRA 149 - A week of learning has been dedicated towards meriting a Refu'ah Sheleimah for Eliezer Lipa ben Yetta, by Mr. and Mrs. Kornfeld of Yerushalayim.


1. There are situations in which a dying person who sold all of his possessions may negate the sale if he recovers.
2. If a Nochri man has relations with a Jewish woman and then converts before their baby is born, the baby does not inherit his biological father.
3. Rava: A present of a Shechiv Mera works only if the beneficiary could technically inherit his father.
4. Rava attempted to find a way to keep the money that Isur Giyora had deposited with him.
5. However, Isur Giyora ended up "admitting" that this money was owed to his biological son.


1. If he still has all of the money from the sale, he may negate the sale, as he may say that he held onto the money in order to buy everything back if he recovers. However, if he paid back debts with this money (or spent some of the money), he cannot retract the sale, as he clearly intended the sale to be final.
2. Since the baby was conceived when the biological father was a Nochri, the baby is not deemed to be his father's Halachic son. Accordingly, if the father dies, even after he converts, his biological son does not inherit his father.
3. Accordingly, in the case above (2), the child of the Nochri father would not be able to receive possessions from his father when his father is on his deathbed through the law of a dying man's word.
4. When Isur Giyora was dying, Rava thought about how the money that was deposited by him would end up being his, as it would be deemed ownerless (like any possessions of a convert who dies without relatives). Even though Isur had a biological son, Rav Mari, Rav Mari was not Halachically his son (see 2), and therefore would not inherit the money.
5. Rav Ika taught (possibly inadvertently) that Rav Mari, Isur's biological son, could technically acquire the money if Isur would just admit to owing him this money. Isur subsequently admitted this, effectively awarding the money to Rav Mari.

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